Who can I contact to learn more about Trailstone Groups?

To learn more about Trailstone Groups, contact Matt Stapp, Discipleship Director, at matt@ridgecrestcamps.com

I want to enroll my child in one of Ridgecrest Camps, where can I find more information?

To learn more about Ridgecrest Summer Camps experiences and find the one that is best for your child, visit RidgecrestCamps.com.

What if my child cannot commit to every week due to sports, homework, vacation, etc.?

No problem! We do not have an absence policy, so your child can get on when he or she can! (But the more they put into the group, the more they will get out!)

What is discussed during a Trailstone Group?

The curriculum is a study of Scripture in an age-appropriate and Gospel centered manner that engages and encourages Ridgecrest and Crestridge campers in their daily walk with Christ.

Who can participate?

Campers who have finished 7th grade and up.

How much do Trailstone Groups cost?

Trailstone Groups are offered to all free of charge.

How does "The Trailstones" fit with my child's ongoing discipleship within our local church?

We want to be clear that this is certainly not replacing the church, but rather coming alongside your local church as we are all showing kids the beauty of Jesus and what following Him looks like. We absolutely believe part of following Jesus in real life is belonging to a local church in which we worship the Lord together and are encouraged, taught, and challenged. Our ultimate goal in these groups is to uplift Jesus Christ and show campers what following Jesus looks like, which includes being a part of a local church.